5 Weird Old School Korean Beauty Secrets You Need To Try ASAP

Think you’re hip to all the Korean skincare routines and latest cosmetics? Bet you’ve never heard of these before. Here are the top old school beauty tricks Korean moms pass down to their daughters.

Real Rice Water (aka Rice Rinse Water)


Koreans eat a lot rice, and whenever we cook rice, we rinse the grain vigorously — at least 2-3 times. The second and third batch of “rice water” can be kept separately in the fridge to be used to wash your face with! After you thoroughly cleanse your face, splash your face with cold rice water several times. It gently exfoliates and brightens your skin.

“Italy Towel”


Yes, that is actually what it is called. “Italy Towel” is something all Koreans grow up with. This is the only washcloth we know. Soak your body in a hot bath, then BEFORE you soap up, scrub your entire body with this bad boy. Pain is just dead skin leaving your body.

Spoiled Milk


When Korean moms discover spoiled milk, they do not throw it out. Milk that’s a few days past expiration date makes an awesome natural skin product. Soak it in cotton pads, leave it on your face for 10 minutes, then rinse off. Your skin will glow — and maybe smell a little funky but anything for good skin, right?

Potato Skin for Skin


Stayed out in the sun a little too long? No worries. Raw potato — peeled or grated — on the skin will cool down the burn while preventing further damage. Use the potato face mask regularly for a brightening effect.

Foot Bath For Acne


15-20 minutes of soaking your feet in hot water helps with acne by letting out the excess oil inside the pores, says Korean moms. Sticking your feet in water sounds easy, but your whole body becomes sweaty and hot after about 10 minutes. You can literally feel all your pores open on your face, letting out all the “bad stuff.” Wash your face with cold water afterwards!



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