4 Things I Tried And Hated In 2016

1. DIY Ombre Hair

Can’t exactly remember how I was bewitched into giving myself a DIY hair makeover, but it happened in mid-September and lasted less than two months. For whatever reason, I decided to chop off, bleach, and dye my long hair — all by myself, at home.

Never again. I’ve gone back to dark brown (box dye at home), but now my hair is severely damaged. Below is my hair before all the craziness I did to it:

2. Juicing

Okay. I will get straight to the point. Juicing is just another word for starvation. It doesn’t work. And juicers are way too expensive. End of story.

(Here is my juicer that was about $250. I think I used it maybe 10 times total)

3. Eyebrow Tinting 

I really had high hopes for this product that promised to end my misery of having very little eyebrow hair, and always looking very faded in the morning.


At first, it seemed to work great:

But then, it broke my heart…by turning orange. As soon as I washed my face, the tinted brows faded into weird-orange-brown. Not pretty. At all.

4. Working For A Korean Company

This one needs to be a separate blog post to be told fairly and thoroughly, but I am sad that working for a K-Pop related job did not pan out. But seriously, why can’t Korean men wash their own cups?! I quit after 3 months, and I have zero regrets.


4 Things I Tried And Loved 


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